6 Tiger Woods Tweets that perfectly sum up the general mood

The reactions to Tiger Woods’ withdrawal.

I can’t hide behind the disappointment, it hurts too bad. For days we were salivating about the prospect of a Tiger return, until, sadly, the reality of his abysmal track record reared its ugly head.

Mark Steinberg, agent to Tiger and  possibly the most frustrating man in sports, produced yet another smug excuse to salt our gangrenous wounds.
“He played a lot of holes of golf, and the game just wasn’t there,” Steinberg told Rosaforte. “[He] didn’t quite get all the holes in prior to the Friday decision, but he really wanted to play this weekend.”

Tiger Woods owes the golf world nothing, however, this latest publicity stunt is a step too far. Only he gets to choose when – or if – he plays golf, but why get our hopes up for the umpteenth time?

Once again Tiger has led us down the primrose path, convincing us that he was coming back and then ripping out our beating hearts. How many times will Tiger cry wolf before we stop running?





There was one grateful PGA player. Max Homa, the alternate who is now the happy recipient of a tee time at the Safeway Open.

There’s always Bowdo, the man who accepts his horrible form and looks on the bright side.

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