WATCH: Tiger Woods seen hitting balls the day after his controversial withdrawal

Tiger Woods’ withdrawal from the Safeway Open has been met with a backlash.

Tiger’s withdrawal was a tough pill to swallow, not least for the organisers of this week’s Safeway Open. Normally, we would be given the “my body’s not ready” line, a message willingly reiterated by agent Mark Steinberg. It was different this time. Tiger couldn’t hide behind another injury excuse so he simply said: “I’m not ready.”

Many of Tiger’s fans – who have stood by him through thick and thin – were understandably pissed off. Commit on Friday, withdraw on Monday, a very effective way to piss off your loyal followers – many of which bought a ticket to the Safeway Open.

People began to speculate on social media; yips, chunks and steroids, you name it and someone said it.

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One thing is for sure, Tiger was looking relaxed as he treated a small crowd to a clinic during his foundation’s event at Monterey Peninsula Country Club.


Hitting it high..



His spin shot and his “softie”..



Shoulder turn with balance..



Explaining the swing change he has put in place..


What are your thoughts? Looking good, bad or indifferent? Can he walk the walk? Is he just doing what we all do?…flushing it on the range before choking on the course..

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