Justin Thomas claims he was drug tested after posting flexing pic

Justin Thomas posted this picture on his Instagram, where he showed off his new muscles from the 2 weeks off golfers get in between seasons.

SARCASM. The sarcasm in his caption is so strong, it’s ridiculous. He even put laughing emoji’s at the end, PGA Tour. Don’t you know emoji etiquette? I guess not.

Apparently the Tour decided to “randomly” drug test Thomas after seeing that photo, which he now claims was photoshopped.

This is hilarious! In a sport that barely cares about drugs, they drug test a guy for making a joke about how short the off season is for golfers. A measly 2 weeks.

Another Johnson, Dustin Johnson, had just enough time to go to Mexico and then get Player of the Year award. But that’s it!

Thomas is still playing in the Safeway Open, so he clearly didn’t juice up in the couple of weeks he had to himself. Thankfully Justin isn’t taking the whole ordeal too seriously.

These guys can’t take a joke.

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