Tiger Woods tries to divert your attention with new business plan

Tiger Woods doesn’t feel like his game is ready for the big leagues yet, but he has time to create a whole new brand for himself.

Woods unveiled a new brand Monday called ‘TGR’ that “unites Tiger’s businesses within a single brand that reflects his vast experience in philanthropy, design, performance, partnerships, events and hospitality.”

Source: AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell, File
Source: AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell, File

He is calling this the next chapter of his career, even though his next chapter should be on the golf course. While I’m sure this has been in the works for a while, it’s a bit peculiar that he would announce it the week after withdrawing from two tournaments.

“As I work toward returning to the sport I love, I’m also taking the next step in what I like to call Chapter 2: my evolution as a competitor off the course,” Woods wrote on his website. “I’ve spent nearly two years developing TGR with my team. And this is what we are about: the pursuit of excellence beyond all limits. I approach everything I do with a mindset to be the absolute best. The method I follow to get there is inspired by precision, with the end goal of elevating standards and the status quo. And I’m always striving for the kind of mastery that naturally results from focus and a willingness to keep learning.”


The Tiger Woods foundation will not change, but the old logo will retire and Woods will be developing more businesses under this new umbrella.tiger-brand-3

Some of these new ventures include TGR Live, a non-profit events company that manages three PGA Tour tournaments and two events benefitting the foundation; TGR Design, a golf course design firm with several projects in development around the world; and The Woods Jupiter, a restaurant in Jupiter, Fla.

If he can’t have his way on the course, he’s going to do everything in his power to make a name for himself off of it. He always strives for perfection, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing great things come from this.

This still doesn’t make up for the fact that he’s not returning to the game. People won’t forget just because he’s creating a new brand for himself.


“I believe this is just the beginning,” Woods wrote. “As I enter this next chapter with TGR, I’m committed to building a legacy that goes beyond just me.”

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