In case you cared: Ken Bone golfs

Ken Bone has become an internet sensation for his ‘sweater weather’ worthy style and for being an undecided voter in one of the most absurd presidential elections of our time.

What happens when someone becomes internet famous for absolutely no good reason? They milk it for all it’s worth, and that’s how Mr. Bone ended up at a St. Louis golf event, where he came with a documentary crew and posed for photos.

To take a picture with Bone, players needed to donate money to charity, making the whole ordeal a little more tolerable.

I guess it’s nice to see some fame deflected onto a completely average person, because we can all say we have a bit of Ken Bone in ourselves. Plus it’s a distraction from the present situation we’re in concerning politics.

If you didn’t see the second debate, where Bone made his debut, here’s a quality reenactment from the Ellen Show. Enjoy.

How many people will dress as Ken Bone for Halloween? A lot.

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