WATCH: The most hilarious tantrum on the PGA Tour involves a shoe

There have been many tantrums on the PGA Tour, but this one in particular takes the cake.

You can thank Sergio Garcia for his anger problems and providing this hilarious explosion of emotion.

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Throwing your shoe into a crowd of spectators is taking the whole tantrum thing to a whole new level. Thankfully a fan threw his shoe back to him, even if he did proceed to kick it in anger.

Sergio is known for his tantrums, but he’s not the only one on Tour to lose his cool. Rory McIlroy has succumbed to club throwing, along with John Daly and Tiger Woods.

Skratch TV decided to test the art of club throwing and took the average Joe Shmoe to see how far they can be thrown. Disclaimer: pretty darn far.

Next they should throw shoes.

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