Why dating another golfer rocks

Bennett Smed

Everyone has their checklist, ya know, the things that make a potential date into that “special someone”. Smart, funny, good-looking, caring, and so on…but how about adding “plays golf” to the list!?

Um, yes. As a golfer there is nothing that sparks a conversation quite like realizing you both love the same sport, so here’s why dating another golfer has it’s fair share of perks.

1. Time

For single golfer couples (couples with one golfer), finding time to get out to the course while still being able to make dinner for date night can be a disaster. A Sunday afternoon round can quickly be called off by the sudden need to spend “quality time together”. Here’s your solution, get your significant other some clubs and head out to the course.

Golf can be your answer to spending time together and being able to play the game you love, and dinner in the clubhouse after is a great replacement for last night’s leftovers. If you are going to be spending time on the course, it’s best to be doing it with your special someone as well.

2. Emotional Signs

Does he throw his clubs? Does she curse like a sailor after a missed putt? Did he just throw his bag in the lake? Wait, you sleep with your putter? Golf is a great way to see a side of someone that wouldn’t normally come out. Such a simple game, yet we’ve all been ready to throw ourselves head first into a water hazard after that 3 footer broke left (trust me it hit a pitch mark).

Being able to see different sides of the person you are dating is important, very important. If there is any emotion hiding deep inside you, golf will find it and drag it to the surface, kicking and screaming. If you don’t play and are dating a golfer, just know we are a special breed.

3. Friends

Golfers like other golfers in general. So naturally, golf couples like other golf couples. This is very important as your significant other will need time on the course with other people besides just you, and that’s okay.

A Saturday morning match with some of his best friends will mean a better mood later in the day (and more productivity around the house). While she is out playing with some of her girlfriends, you can focus on some of your other hobbies, or cleaning the “man cave” which in reality is a basement guest room filled with Miller Lite and Combos.

(Source/Smylie Kaufman/Twitter)
(Source: Smylie Kaufman/Twitter)

The occasional golf double date is a great idea until Craig (we all know a Craig) decides to get liquored up and ruins the date. Hold your own, Craig. But really, what is better than sharing common interest with your significant other and your friends?

4. The Grind

This is more tailored for the serious player, or the student athlete. If you play on a college team, and your special someone does as well, then you both know the sacrifice. You both know there will be hours spent at practice after class, and that there will be late nights filled with homework and wondering why you hit it left on 16.

Weekends are filled with countless hours in team busses hundreds of miles apart, but you make it work because you both love the game and want to be your best. One of the most rewarding things about dating another golfer is always having a support system, no matter what you shot that day.

5. The Drawback

Okay, it’s not all rainbows and double-eagles. Here are some forewarnings if you are going to date another golfer. Good luck sneaking that new club into your bag. “Oh you switched irons, again.”….busted. Dating another golfer means always seeing their golf bag, and if you are a club nerd like me, that may not be a good thing.

Also, don’t offer unwarranted swing advice, especially if you two are competitive. A few choice words might be coming your way unless you learn to hold your tongue.

Case and point, dating another golfer rocks. Just don’t be like drunk Craig, no one likes drunk Craig.

Source: South Park
Craig says FU!! (Source: South Park)

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