J.B. Holmes bags a rattler, but you sir are no John Peterson

Nobody ever accused John Bradley Holmes of being a WASPy country club brat. Indeed, the Campbellsville, Kentucky native looks like an individual more likely to be seen atop a green John Deere than putting on the green at a golf course.

J.B. took to Twitter today to show off his latest trophy…and it isn’t of the metallic kind.

Ho, ho! Imagine how many belts Phil Mickelson could make out of that.

Holmes’ tweet comes only a couple of days after another outdoorsman and fan of killing animals rather than clay pigeons for sport John Peterson offered this serpent-related twitterance.

Guess those are snakeskins, and guess the tweet is…funny? Anyway, here’s a bit more of what Cabela’s and NRA-sponsored Peterson gets up to.

And of course, the money shot from January: Peterson in all his faux backwoodsman glory hoisting a fresh carcass with a grin.

So while J.B.’s rattler haul is impressive, he’ll need to scale up to compete with J-Pete.

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