This year’s PGA Championship will have a revolutionary beer tent

Johnny Harris, the president of the Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, N.C., will introduce some innovative beer serving.

The Quail Hollow Club is hosting the PGA Championship and I have some good news for a thirsty audience. Johnny Harris has decided to give you, the lucky patron, a chance to perform daylight robbery on yourself.

Tradition dictates that golf fans must be held at gun point if they even so much as dare develop a thirst for a refreshing beverage.

To add insult to injury, the person is then held hostage for up to half an hour – because stealing all your hard earned cash isn’t enough for these sadistic bastards.

Do you think the founding fathers would approve of an America where citizens have to wait in line for a $10 beer, no chance.

It was last July when Harris ventured up to the PGA at Baltusrol Golf Club to see which aspects of the tournament worked the best. His parting conclusions? The hasty deliverance of beer to the consumer via a self-serve beer machine.

“Ya’ll wait till you see this machine,” Harris said at a Charlotte Business Journal event at Quail Hollow on Wednesday to discuss the PGA Championship.

Knowing golf tournaments like I do, the average punter has an unquenchable thirst. Imagine what will happen when they finally ease the process of obtaining booze…

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Golf Digest details the process involved with the self-serve: “Here’s how they work: The consumer obtains a prepaid card, $20 or $40 in the case of the machines at Baltusrol. The consumer then scans the card and draws whatever quantity of beer they want. They are charged by the ounce. An attendant is required at each station for the purpose of checking IDs and to ensure imbibers aren’t inebriated.”

Now all they need to do is ensure we don’t get robbed of our money. They should take a leaf out of Augusta’s book.

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