Tiger Woods takes a jab at Trump during Colbert interview

Tiger Woods went on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert this week, where he talked about his ex wife, video games, and his foundation.

He also discussed a time when Arnold Palmer bought him dinner as an amateur and he had to pay him back or he couldn’t play for¬†Stanford anymore.

“So I go to dinner and we have a great steak dinner, I pick his brain a little bit and I leave. Well, my coach finds out, says ‘did you pick up the tab’? [I say]¬†It’s Arnold Palmer, I’m a college student, it’s Arnold Palmer.”

Colbert also asked Tiger about the couple of President’s he’s played with and to describe their game in one word. Well, he snuck in Trump, and Tiger took no time with his response.

“What about Trump?” Colbert said. “Did you ever play with Trump?”

Tiger didn’t miss a beat: “You said, ‘Presidents.'”


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