Danny Willett’s new car and rare US Masters license plate

Danny Willett has bought himself a new whip.

Introducing Danny’s brand new McLaren 570S, with the very apt US16 MAS number plate.

The McLaren has a list price of £143,250 and goes 0-60 in 3.1 seconds. Considering its 3.8 litre Twin Turbo V8 engine that’s a lot of horses under the hood, 562 to be precise.

Danny Willett rolling into the range in his new wheels!! ?? #golfgods #mclaren #us16mas #golf

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McLaren offer this description:

It’s the ultimate sports car experience. Completely driver-centric and performance oriented, the 570S Coupé is equally at home on the track as it is on the open road. With the lightest weight in its class and the highest power to weight ratio, it delivers super car punch and thrills that would shame many more expensive rivals.

And this epic promo:

Danny has bagged €11.7 million during his career. I personally think his form hasn’t been as woeful as everyone is making out. He’s taken home €800,000 since the Masters, including a tied 12th, 2nd and 3rd place finish.

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