Michael Jordan has discovered the perfect way to combat slow play

Michael Jordan has found a way to combat slow play, by creating his own private golf club. No slow play when it’s just you and your friends on the golf course!

Jordan has been a big fan of golf for a long time. He would play 36 holes in the morning before competing in a game later that day and even got married on a golf course.

Creating his own golf course has been in the works for a while now, but things are slowly starting to come together and become a reality.

Source: Pinehurst
Source: Pinehurst

According to a report by TCPalm.com, Jordan and his team presented basic plans at a Martin County workshop for the golf course to be built east of Interstate 95 and north of Bridge Road in Hobe Sound in Florida.

“It’s going to be Michael’s joint,” a source told TCPalm.com. “Twenty-five other guys are putting up $1 million, but he’s the one who makes the rules. It will be celebrity laden.”

If his friends are only putting up a mil, you can only imagine what His Airness is flushing out for his personal golf club. For someone whose net worth is $1.4 billion, nothing is too lavish for some privacy and a speedy round.

This way MJ won’t have to worry about getting banned from a course for wearing a t-shirt and cargo pants. Now he can smoke his cigars, have 7 people in a group, and bump some tunes without a worry in the world.

Not even Looney Tunes could burst his bubble.


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