The worst golfer on the PGA TOUR still earned $500,000 in 2016

Steven Bowditch was the worst golfer on the PGA TOUR in 2016.

Everyone loves Bowdo. The 33-year-old knows that his terrible form threatens to completely derail his career, but still he keeps his head up. Whether it’s a worthless piece of shit troll, or one of his fellow players, Bowdo always has a glorious response.

He posted this Tweet after the PGA TOUR choose to randomly drug test him during a tournament.

Sadly, the affable Aussie has been in a deep rut all season – and by rut I mean crevasse. 18 tournaments, 10 missed cuts and a highest finish of T22 would severely affect the morale of most professionals, but not Bowdo. Faced with poor round after poor round, he copes with his frustration by satirising his performances on Twitter.

It was pure entertainment after he joked about his record of posting the worst performance in World Golf Championship history. On another occasion he mercilessly destroyed a Twitter troll who was butthurt about Bowdo’s impact on his fantasy golf team. You get the picture.

The best thing about Bowdo’s situation is the fact he banked $500,000. Can you imagine!? Turning up to work everyday – splitting before lunch after a morning of doing the crossword – and still taking home that sort of wedge.

Bowditch: Distance from par in the 2016 season


Bowditch was 3.209 strokes worse than the field average in the 55 rounds he recorded last year. It’s hard to score when you only hit 43.02% fairways and 54.46% of greens in reg. Even after a season of morale-draining performances, he always has the heart to joke.

Hopefully his form improves this season and he keeps smiling, why wouldn’t he when he knows how lucrative PGA TOUR life can be.

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