Snoop Dogg: “Golf needs a Tiger Woods comeback”

Snoop Dogg caught up with TMZ to talk about Tiger Woods’ impending return in December.

Apparently these two are pretty tight and The Doggfather is no liar. Tiger and Snoop go way back and these “close friends” have had some interesting photo shoots (photos below, yes they are real).

Snoop said that Tiger’s return is a “beautiful thing” because golf is “garbage without him” and “it ain’t as fly as it used to be.”

He then compared the sport of golf to Shake ‘n Bake chicken, calling Woods the “flavor” and the “seasoning salt.” You can’t really disagree with that, plus the comparison is perfection.

Behold, the pimpin’ duo back in 2004:

Now let’s make Snoop Dogg a commentator ASAP so we can hear more food analogies and that sweet as silk voice of his. That would bump ratings for sure.

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