WATCH: People angered by “disgusting” PGA TOUR golfer

Should this be frowned upon with such levels of contempt?

Your mum would maybe clip you over the ear before asking if you were “born in a barn?” For others, lets say the tobacco chewing populace of North Carolina, this is just a part of going about your daily business. So why do people get so upset when we decide to empty the contents of our mouths for no apparent reason?


Is this another example of our society denigrating behaviour for no obvious reason, I mean is it really that disgusting? I would say, erm, yeah it probably is.

That’s not to say I haven’t deposited an epic globule of bile here and there, the hypocrisy being the covert execution of my filthy little  habit.

Within the context of aerobic sports, I think it’s excusable to spit. Golf is different.

Sergio Garcia was ripped apart for doing this in competition, so it’s right that Brooks Koepka be called out.

Dustin Johnson was the most recent culprit to be called out. DJ loves chewing his tobacco, and this was all too evident during the final round of the U.S. Open. He was seen spitting throughout.

So that begs the question…is it ABSOLUTELY abhorrent, or just a little? I mean DJ did win his first major with a trigger mouth.


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