Rory McIlroy receives a major burn for Turkish Airlines WD

It seems as though Rory McIlroy is making all of the wrong decisions these days.

Rory McIlroy, along with American Patrick Reed, withdrew from the Turkish Airlines Open this past week. Concerns over terrorist attacks and car bombings earlier this year were main reasons for the WD.

Reed’s withdrawal was understandable considering U.S. State Department warnings directed at Americans traveling in Turkey that were issued on Oct. 24 and 29.

McIlroy on the other hand is a citizen of Northern Ireland who reportedly negotiated a seven-figure appearance fee and travel in a private jet direct into Antalya before he withdrew. Rory admitted that recently winning $10 million in the PGA Tour’s FedEx Cup made his decision easier.

Source: USA Today Sports Images
Source: USA Today Sports Images

Ahmet Agaoglu, the head of the Turkish Golf Federation, was butt hurt over the fact that he found out about McIlroy’s withdrawal through the media and not by direct contact. He goes on to criticize Rory’s decision and scrutinize his character.

“There are things happening everywhere in the world. If they are afraid of such things, there is no safe place in the world. This is one of the major golfing events in Europe, and I think they have to respect the sponsors because they are investing huge money. Pulling out is not the correct approach. You can be a superstar, an excellent golfer and sit on top of the rankings, but to be an athlete you need something more.”

Ahmet Agaoglu


But seriously, it seems like everyone is picking on Rory for the decisions he’s made this year. He got crap for the Olympics (he dug himself into that hole) and now he’s getting crap for this.

Both of those situations were for safety reasons, so the guy is just doing what he feels is best for his health. The WD may have been an overreaction considering the great turnout and fun that the players had this weekend, but that was his decision to make.

Rory’s response?

I think that about sums it up. What do you think?

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