The best tweet from the election came from a golf account

There’s a somber aura radiating in America today. Emotions are running high as the 45th President of the United States was announced last night, with Donald Trump as the victor.

The shock of it all may not have settled in yet, but at least we have each other and humor to rely on in this pivotal time in American history.

The Twitter account, Total Golf Move (a play on TFM), really brings it home with this one tweet:

That would seem like the next direct course of action for this country, considering who was just elected. Basically the impossible is possible, and that means Tiger Woods can win all four majors this season.

Other accounts expressed how they viewed the election as well, trying to bring humor to this crazy time we live in.

The bet we all should have placed but never thought would actually win:

And the most important tweet of them all:

All I can say is, hopefully Trump doesn’t truly believe in some of horrid things he said during his campaign, and that maybe, JUST MAYBE, he can actually bring about some positive change.

Let’s be optimistic like John Daly over here.

God speed, America.

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