This guy opened a golf studio for hipsters and it’s kind of hilarious

Put down your cans of PBR and groom your ironic facial hair, Brooklyn hipsters. Hop on the L-train to Queens. It’s time for some indoor golf at Brooklyn Greens!

Instructor Nick Tedosio’s new golf studio inside a commercial loft building off the Halsey Street subway stop caters not to the Bass Weejun-wearing set, but rather to folks wearing, well, shoes like this guy…

Christian Hansen/New York Times
Christian Hansen/New York Times

“I kind of want the hipsters to start playing golf,” Tedosio told Corey Kilgannon of the New York Times.

Don’t adjust your statement glasses. You read that right. Tedosio, who worked as a pro in Chicago and Los Angeles, is hoping America’s favorite whipping boys and girls of gentrification will show up and swing clubs.

Tedosio is also hoping that the set who buys clothes from Salvation Army but shells out for the latest iPhone will be willing to fork over a healthy lump of cash for his services. The price of his lessons: $120 an hour.

That’s more than a longboard!

Will Brooklynites find indoor golf more exciting than the a Wes Anderson film?


Will the bike-cap wearers be keen to beat pills at a golf simulator in a spot where, Kilgannon writes, “there is barely enough room to swing a cat, much less a golf club.”

Only time will tell.

But all joking aside, we’re happy to see any innovative approaches to #growthegame.  

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