Hacks Rejoice! Costco Sells Golf Balls

Costco sells everything; it’s the only place I’m aware of on Earth where you can buy a plastic┬ábucket of condoms. However, Costco has shocked even I with Kirkland Signature golf balls.4616531-attach

I don’t know about anyone else, but I despise losing golf balls. I will be the first to admit losing balls is completely my own fault, but it’s gotten old. Worse than that, walking into the clubhouse with a sleeve of balls in the woods should be considered public shaming. But thankfully, Costco has decided to market golf balls in bulk. I know nothing of their quality, but from pictures on the Internet they seem good enough. To Costco’s credit, their websites says they’re out of stock so that must be a good sign as quality is concerned.

I mean when it comes down to it, do I really need to buy Pro V1’s? I’m far from the PGA Tour so I see no reason to count Kirkland Signature balls out. I almost want my mom to renew her Costco membership so I can try them out.

What you tell the squad after buying Kirkland golf balls..
What you tell the squad after buying Kirkland golf balls..

This might be a career move for driving ranges everywhere. They can stop using Noodles or spare golf balls and they can buy in bulk at Costco. All the Kirkland Signature balls need now is a red stripe! As far as I can tell from a quick Internet search, these are the only store brand golf balls on the market, so congrats to Costco for cornering a market I didn’t know they could get into.

Where can Costco take the store brand ball next? Will children at the YMCA be using Kirkland Signature basketballs next?

If anyone has tried these out, comment and let me know how these balls fly!

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