Trump National Golf Club vandalized by protestors

The aftermath of this year’s presidential election is frightening, to say the least. America is retaliating against Donald Trump in all different parts of the country.

On a smaller scale, Trump National Golf Club in VA is one of his institutions that was under attack, with vandalization of the fairway.


According to the Loudoun County Sheriff Office, the course suffered undisclosed damage sometime between 5 p.m. Monday and 8 a.m. Tuesday. No other details regarding the incident are available.

Golf courses are not the only businesses of Trump’s that are being vandalized. Protests broke out in cities all over the US, rallying around his hotels and other establishments.

People may not like the fact that Donald Trump won the election, but this is no way to react. Unless it is, and people are finally fighting back. The amount of protests that have occurred this year alone should tell you something.

There’s something wrong with the system right now, and whether Trump is the right person to fight that has yet to reveal itself.

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