Donald Trump Has Tips to Make America Great at Golf Again

The last couple of months for Donald Trump have been rocky. He’s been criticized for his treatment of almost everyone on planet Earth.

Previously I had not seen him in clothes other than a suit, but ladies and gentleman, I have to reverse that. In fact, pictured on his own golf advice book wearing a white polo is Donald Trump…yes I said advice book.


The 360-page book is green with a simple cover. As you would expect, his first name isn’t even included, the cover says Trump in the largest text of the book. However, the book is not about how great Trump is at golf, which 100 percent would be answered with “the best”. Rather, Trump gives advice he received from other golfers. This includes Vijay Singh, Micheal Douglas, Arnold Palmer and Phil Mickelson. Not bad people to take golf tips from.

But a word of caution, the book was released in 2005. If I recall, Donald Trump was at his prime celebrity status that year. Embroiled in a rivalry with Rosie O’Donnell, the Apprentice was reality TV at it’s finest and Trump steaks sizzled on grills across America. Now it’s 2016 and who buys Trump steaks? What I am saying is 2005 Trump might not be the best route for improving your golf game.

If Trump products don’t bother you, you can still buy the book here. I probably won’t be buying a copy but here’s a snippet of the description:

“Never before has such an array of golfing advice been pulled together in one place. Donald Trump, himself an avid–and very good–golfer, asked his friends, colleagues, and playing companions to offer thoughts on everything from the mental game to the swing to putting to playing golf the right way.”

If anyone has read or plans to read the book, comment below with your thoughts!

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