Should You Try Single Length Irons? Short Answer, Yes.

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Every year, manufacturers release new clubs that they claim will “revolutionize” the game, but this year Cobra has released an iron based solely on the unusual setup used by one PGA Tour rookie. 

Bryson DeChambeau joined elite company which includes the likes of Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus when he won the NCAA Individual Championship and US Amateur Championship in the same year (2015). After moving through the Tour in 2016, he is ready for his rookie campaign on the PGA Tour.

My gear. Your game. @cobragolf ONE Length Irons are coming your way in January! Link in bio for more.

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Other than the obvious game that Bryson possesses, he is no ordinary pro. The self proclaimed “great experimenter” and former physics major takes an incredibly geometric approach to golf, including having all of his irons at the exact same length. Thanks to The Golfing Machine, one of the most famous golf books of all time, DeChambeau found a way to swing on a single plane with no shift in his golf swing which creates an incredibly efficient and repeatable move.

So is this odd approach to setting up your golf bag worth a try? Well, Cobra Golf sure thinks so with it’s creation of the King F7 One Length (Also available in variable length). Sure the tinkering and theory seems to make consumers curious, but the real question is does it work? Does it work for me, not just for DeChambeau who probably would have found his way to the PGA Tour no matter what he was playing, but would it work for Jim the 12 handicap from your local club. I think it would.

Take a listen to DeChambeau explain his unique approach to golf:

The idea of a single length set of irons makes total sense to me. Think about your favorite iron in the bag, which for most golfers is a 7 iron. Now the reason for this is that every iron has a different lie angle, and depending on how your body is built, you will naturally have a slightly different setup for every lie angle in your bag. Makes sense, right? Think of the confidence that you would have playing a 4 iron that was the same length as your 7. Yes it would take some getting used to and yes you would have to play with the lofts to get the same distance gapping (that is what Cobra is here to do), but think of the consistency that a golfer could have knowing that every iron swing will be exactly the same.

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The single plane swing would look different for every golfer but once the irons were comfortable in your hands, the game would be much easier. Another  benefit of the single length irons is that they will be great for players with bad backs. Taking a consistent set up position and swing will take pressure off of the player’s back that may otherwise be caused from various set up positions.

@shark_gregnorman gives ONE Length irons a swing. ?? Tap on our profile pic for his reaction!

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Now, the single length theory may not stick with every player, but why not try it? It may be exactly what you need to hit those extra few greens per round.

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