Playboy Playmate charged with drunk driving a golf cart

Former Playboy Playmate, Ashley Mattingly, faces 4 charges for drinking and driving a golf cart.

Source: TMZ
Source: TMZ

The first issue is that she was drunkenly driving the golf cart on the streets and the second is that she plowed the cart into four parked cars.

TMZ reported the incident:

The Orange County D.A. hit the former Playmate with 3 counts of driving under the influence — including 1 for drugs — and 1 additional count of hit-and-run with property damage — all misdemeanors. It’s also alleged that her BAC was at least .20%.

Source: TMZ
Source: TMZ

Apparently though, Ashley told TMZ that someone stole her golf cart and went on a joyride. She adds she wouldn’t have answered the door if she had anything to hide from cops.

The huge gash on her face and her BAC are not helping her case. Ashley will face one year behind bars if she’s convicted on all four charges.

Golf Carts you’ll wish were street legal..

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