WATCH: TOUR Performs Epic “Mannequin Challenge”

If you were hoping the Mannequin Challenge was starting to circle the drain, it isn’t. But we’re OK with this effort from the European Tour.

First of all: How about the #SpaLife that is playing professional golf on the European (and PGA) Tour? Look at that effing locker room! Almost makes you jealously pine for the days when pros weren’t allowed in the clubhouse.
Regarding the video: Not surprisingly, Beef Johnston’s pose is superb with the bearded Londoner appearing to contemplate de-whiskerizing. We’re also bullish on Carbera-Bello reading about himself in the magazine. And obviously any time you can work the Guinness Book of World Records into your #MannequinChallenge, you’ve done well. Not sure about Padraig Harrington hitting the dab, but we’ll allow it. And what’s up with the guy who looks to be doing CPR near the end?

Ultimately, it’s a great effort. Certainly has the leg up over outgoing PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem’s Ice Bucket Challenge from a couple of years back.

Unfortunately, the Euro Tour’s video is bested by this #CanineMannequinChallenge.

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