Trump’s latest power move affects golf

Trump’s transition team, who are supposedly at each others necks, wants Saturdays to be for the boys.

They are moving to the Trump National Golf Club from Trump Tower to make all of their crucial decisions for our country. The move isn’t huge (from NY to New Jersey) but the change is shrouded in questions.

Source: The Associated Press
Source: The Associated Press

If you happen to have a tee time at the private club, an anonymous security officer told the club cannot confirm or deny who will be at the club. In real person speech, that means he will be there, but play at the club shouldn’t be affected.

It’s unclear why the team is relocating to the course. Maybe the fresh air of NJ and riding around in a golf cart will help these crazies clear their heads (cough). It’s also a private club rather than a hotel, so privacy might be a factor as well.

When the New York Times reported on the same story, they got the classic Trump treatment:

As far as what the move means for golf, the Trump National Golf Club is a big deal. The private club is set to host the 2017 U.S Women’s Open and 2022 PGA Championship and is now adding transition meetings to it’s resume.

Donald Trump has always been a supporter of the golfing world, with his multiple courses and friendly relations with a bunch of professional golfers. As President-elect, bringing his transition team to one of his golf courses just shows that he’s still involved.


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