New golf company claims they can make the driver your favorite club again

If you’re like me, drivers are your nemesis. Tee boxes equal to bogey factories. But Boston based VGG, or Vertical Groove Golf, looks to shake up the golf market and end our woes.


If you can’t guess from the name, VGG offers the first club on the market with vertical grooves. Yes, I said vertical grooves, sure to make any golfer trip out trying to swing at a golf ball. So aside from making old men at the tee box gawk at your driver, how does it improve your game?

The company purports that the new driver, recently given the nod by the USGA, improves accuracy by 40% over unspecified top market drivers. Their website also claims people are raving about the club:

“Our Vertical Groove Driver has been hit by many professional golfers, teachers and amateurs. Each has marveled at the smooth feel, crisp sound and characteristic ball flight that VGT Technology delivers.”

 So far, this sounds great, but I’m not totally convinced, mainly because claims to improve my golf game aren’t new.

When the Nike Sumo squared driver came out, they painted me crushing balls like Barry Bonds. Once reality set in, I learned I gained a driver with a comically large head cover weighing as much as I do. But VGG comes with an extra punch because it carries the name of Tony Antonius, who supposedly patented the velcro golf glove.

With the chops of a universal product under the inventor’s belt, the club should do well, but I don’t see Tiger or Rory coming out on Thursdays with VGG apparel on. Anyways, I think VGG marketed the club towards a chopper like me. You can find out more about the club at

If anyone tried or pre ordered a VGG product, let me know in the comments!

P.S. If Vertical Groove Golf wants to put up with me for a day, I would love to review the club, just saying..

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