WATCH: Pro snowboarder smashes a cameraman from point blanc range

Torah Bright, if you’re unaware, is an Olympic gold and silver medalist in the halfpipe. She’s also bagged five medals in the Winter X Games. Impressive.

The 29-year-old Australian is not, however, a capable golfer, as she proved in shin-splitting fashion at the Tag Heuer Hole-in-One Challenge at the Australian Open.

Bright posted this gem to Instagram.

Tag Huer’s #dontcrackunderpressure tagline couldn’t have been more ironically appropriate. Bright’s errant strike was a shank Webb Simpson would’ve admired.

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Ultimately, though, there’s a lesson in all this: Don’t stand in the Shank Zone…ever. Seriously, have you ever seen a shank that goes anywhere other than hard right? You absolutely don’t want to be in that area.

When I was a young Boredom, a golfer at the club where I was employed was similarly in the Shank Zone, ahead of his playing partner around the green. The hacker tried to pitch on, but instead fired a hozzle rocket directly into the unfortunate’s face, fracturing his eye socket and damaging his optic nerve.

Last I knew, he hadn’t fully regained sight in the eye.

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