The Bottle Flip Challenge has finally come to the world of golf

In a “what would Old Tom Morris think?” moment: The First Bro of Instagram golf instruction. Ryan Rustland AKA “Coach Rusty” presented his take on the Bottle Flip/Water Bottle Challenge yesterday.

And because #thekidslovethisstuff and #millennials, we’re showcasing it here.

But really, in the the pantheon of junk food snacks that is viral video content, this one’s pretty good—like Bugles or Combos. And at least it involves several more degrees of difficulty than the traditional Bottle Flip video, which centers around, you know, flipping a damn bottle.

You have to be pleased, too, to see the adept self-promoter follow up the Bottle Flip Challenge video with a Marker Flip Challenge video.

What will he do next? Mannequin Challenge? Juju on that Beat?

Stay tuned.

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