Caroline Wozniacki’s foray into golf the day after Rory McIlroy’s awk interview

If you haven’t seen this incredible interview with Rory McIlroy you need to. The European Tour cunningly equipped “Billy” with some epic TNT ammunition to shoot at his interviewee. 

The “who’s your favourite girl tennis player,” question will go down in the history books, utterly sublime! The weirdness came after. What followed was an awfully coincidental flurry of photos that suddenly adorned Caroline Wozniacki’s newsfeed as she introduced Instagram to her new bloke.

Just hanging with BAE! ???

A photo posted by Caroline Wozniacki (@carowozniacki) on

Fair play Caroline. Fair play. Directed at Rory? Unlikely, but her dalliance with golf was oddly timed.

Fore!! ??⛳️?

A photo posted by Caroline Wozniacki (@carowozniacki) on

I know some of you hate the TMZ shit, but you’re here now so get over yourself! I tried to be the bigger man, but I feel like we can all appreciate the oddity of Carolina and Rory, their behaviour towards each other can be utterly bizarre. I just wish Rory could be the bigger man..

Rory and Caroline

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