WATCH: Henrik Stenson takes the Claret Jug for a spin

The claret jug gets around. Whether holding a $40,000 bottle of wine, or an ear of corn, the famous trophy has seen it’s share of creative uses. This year, claret jug owner Henrik Stenson took the cup for a little ride near his Lake Nona, Florida home. 


In case you were wondering, the Royal and Ancient only give the players a replica to keep for the year. Can you imagine if he’d gone full board on the 140-year-old original!

Here are some classic ownership moments:

Zach Johnson looks on as Jordan Spieth downs beer from the jug.
Zach Johnson, a proud Iowan, is keen to eat the food of his state.

I think the best part of Henrik Stenson video was number one, the originality. And two, the life vest for the trophy.

Several other trophies could have benefitted from the vest like this one:

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