Tiger Woods debuts killer new Nike shoes for his return

Tiger Woods is returning to the competitive game this Thursday and the entire golfing world is on their tippy toes in anticipation.

While most people are excited just to see him play, some want to know what clubs he’ll be playing with since Nike has opted out of making clubs. Although we won’t know that until Thursday, we do know Nike will still have a part in his professional game, at least for his feet.


“This shoe is an absolutely integral part of my return to the sport I love and have missed so much,” Woods said in a statement. “Nike really got in the zone with me. I knew Tobie (Hatfield, Nike senior director of athlete innovation) and I were on to something special back when I tried on the first prototype. I feel supreme support from this shoe which leads to the utmost confidence when I step onto the course.”

Tiger Woods remains Nike’s flagship endorser, as well as his own brand, in golf. This is the prototype of his latest signature golf shoe, the Nike TW ’17. They look pretty sweet and with Tiger’s recommendation, they are sure to fly off the shelves. The shoes will be available this upcoming Spring.

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Hopefully these shoes help him play with the confidence he says they give him, so he can be the best Tiger we know he can be.

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