Watch: Golfer hits insane trick shot on top of moving golf cart

Golf carts are a blast– everyone knows it. But these guys, Ryan Rustand and a buddy of his, took carting around to a new level with this insane trick shot.

The video is already a hit with over 13k views, obviously for good reason. Trick shots like this make me realize how tame my buddies are on the course, so looks like we need to step it up fellas.

These are the same two guys that brought you the ultimate bottle flip challenge and the poppin’ champagne video! If you’re an aspiring trick shot artist, these are the guys you should emulate.

A video posted by Ryan Rustand (@coach_rusty) on

If you’ve never heard of these golfers before, you should check them out on Instagram. Most of their videos are just as wild as this one. These are the guys that golf needs; the ones that are willing to push the limits and boundaries of a rule driven sport!

What do you guys think about this killer shot? Let us know in the comments!

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