WATCH: Derek Jeter hits a bomb at Tiger’s pro-am

Liam Griffin

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Tiger Woods has been out since August 2015. He is now ready to make his return this weekend at the Hero World Challenge. His final warm up consisted of nine holes with some of the coolest dudes around.

In what will most likely be his final practice round before making his highly anticipated return to professional golf, the former world number one played nine holes in the Bahamas with a group of friends that would make any sports fan jealous.

Joining Woods was former Yankees shortstop (and future Hall of Fame inductee) Derek Jeter, Jeter’s former Yankees teammate Tito Martinez, and 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist Justin Rose. Talk about star studded.

Source-AP Photo/Phelen M. Ebenhack
Source-AP Photo/Phelen M. Ebenhack

Since Derek Jeter retired from baseball in 2014, he’s become an avid golfer. Although he never swung a club during his baseball career, Jeter has apparently become a determined student of the golf game.

“Now that he’s out of baseball, he’s addicted to playing golf…he wants to know. He’s one of the best athletes who ever lived. He wants to learn.”

-Tiger Woods on Derek Jeter

Meanwhile, in comparison to the star power of Woods and Jeter, Justin Rose must’ve felt like an average Joe. Fortunately, he does have his Olympic Gold to hold in comparison to Jeter’s five World Series titles and Tiger’s fourteen majors.

In any case, we’ll see if some of Jeter’s success rubs off on Woods and Rose, as they will both be playing in the Hero World Challenge this weekend.

This weekend, Tiger’s future hangs in the balance. A great showing may put him on the path to more majors. On the other hand, a bad showing or another back strain may signal the end of his career.

Regardless of the result, the world is excited to see Tiger back on the course.

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