Smylie Kaufman gets caked in the face for his birthday

Some of the boys from SB2K16 are together again and they’re celebrating Smylie Kaufman’s birthday! 

What do you get when you turn 25 and you’re on vacation with your best friends? Cake to the back!

With Tiger’s return, you might wonder what the future holds for these younger players on Tour, but I truly believe they bring something more to the table than just good game.

These guys are shaping the way younger golfers look at the game. It’s a place to have fun with your friends, throw cake at each other on the golf course, snapchat your shots and just let loose. Their style goes against the grain of this conservative game and that’s what the game needs.


25 looks good on Smylie. The future is bright for these guys and golf is better for it.

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