This man is getting abused for what he did to Tiger Woods

Sean Foley is getting burned alive on Twitter today and it has a lot to do with Tiger Woods and Justin Rose.


Do you remember Sean Foley, the complete weapon who destroyed Tiger Woods’ swing. The former coach to GOAT –  and the proud owner of the #NeverTrustAManWithFakeGlasses hashtag – is being torn a new arsehole by social media and it’s because of Justin Rose. The Englishman is one of several players Foley has on his books and was the reason Tiger was forced to play by himself.

Foley’s first big gig came when he coached Tiger Woods in 2010.

Foley taught Woods to stay more centered over the ball and increase weight on the left side through the downswing. Some people attribute this to Tiger’s back injury. I for one think it’s unrealistic to expect your back to put up with 36 years of constant golf, but that’s just me. His brand of swashbuckling golf would fuck up anyone, regardless of a few swing changes.

Rose shot a 2-over 74 in the first round then informed tournament officials of his withdrawal Friday morning, citing a “slight injury” to his back. Normal right? Well not according to some commentators who couldn’t wait to draw comparisons with Tiger. Foley’s coaching style supposedly places too much strain on the back.

Man makes a good point! Shagging waitresses against a wall for sustained periods of time will likely mess up your back.

Having said that, rumour has it that Rose will soon be dropping Sean and all of a sudden he’s got a pretty shitty list of former and current players.

Hunter Mahan, Stephen Ames, and Parker McLachlin…yikes. So that begs the question, Is Sean Foley genuinely shit?

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