WATCH: Paige Spiranac breaks down in tears and it’s amazing


Unless you are living under a rock, you know the household golf name, Paige Spiranac.

You may know her from being one of her 860,000 plus followers on Instagram or have seen her grace the cover of Golf Digest, both of which she dons skin-tight outfits some would think not fit for the golf course. What you don’t know about this blonde golfing bombshell is that she has a big, kind heart and is passionate about one issue in particular that she has dealt with herself: cyber bullying.

Spiranac is in Dubai getting ready for the Dubai Ladies Masters this coming week. In a press conference earlier this week, Paige was asked “How bad was the bullying? Because we see the bubbly side of you, but how bad did it get?” 

If you have any soft bone in your body, you will be moved by her answer. Spiranac mentions cyber bullying is not a joke, doesn’t make you cool, and needs to be discussed more. She hopes that from speaking out, she “can save someone’s life” which she states is “much more important than if I make the cut or miss the cut.”

Now for a blonde golfing bombshell, that is pretty cool. 

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