WATCH: Tiger Woods says he’s still “trying to figure things out”


Even Tiger says he’s “still trying to figure things out,” so can we all chill on him making a comeback? 

This past weekend, every golf lover’s social media feeds have been filled with Tiger videos and pictures from his tournament, Hero’s World Challenge in Nassau, Bahamas. If you are reading this article, this should obviously be no surprise to you. This is the first tournament Woods has competed in in over 15 months, which is quite a big break from competitive golf.

Consequently, he came in 15th out of 17 players. Not entirely the best finish for the first tournament in 15 months, but he did have 24 birdies, which is more than anyone else in the field. I’ll definitely give him props for that.

3 rounds down. 1 to go. #heroworldchallenge

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What I won’t give him props for is his so called “comeback.” It may be because I was reminded of a bad ex-boyfriend who comes and goes as they please when he announced his “comeback” event at the Safeway Open this past October, only to withdraw days before the event. Or it may be because I’m not convinced that a 40 year old with a 15 month break and public breakdowns that would make anyone want to crawl in a hole forever can actually make a comeback.

Let’s be clear, whereas I’m not the biggest Tiger lover, I’m not a hater either. He has provided excitement to the game for over two decades now. He is making golf exciting again. He has not however made his comeback… yet. 

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Once I see a victory under his belt again, I’ll be convinced. Until then, he is no goat. Just Tiger. 

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