Why Tiger’s return should be considered a raging success

We need to get something straight here. Whether Tiger Woods made his “official comeback” or not, Tiger was out playing competitive golf and that alone is amazing.

He may have finished 15th out of 17 golfers, but within that small field were some of the top golfers in the world. He ended up shooting 73-65-70-76 for the week to be 4-under and 14 shots back of winner Hideki Matsuyama. This being his first competition in almost 16 months, that’s pretty solid.

Woods shot the most birdies for the week out of every player at 24 birdies. Winner Hideki Matsuyama had 22 plus 2 eagles.

He brought back the club twirls, fist pumps and the famous red shirt for Sunday. He even outdrove every playing partner he had, which included Rickie Fowler. Not to mention his hole out from the bunker!

There wasn’t one moment where he showed signs of his back injury, which is a success all on its own. He didn’t WD half way through the tournament, instead he stayed the entire time, congratulated Hideki and signed fans shoes!

“Getting back to this point is beyond anything that I’ve ever experienced in my lifetime.”

Tiger Woods

Every shot was exciting because it was Tiger Woods hitting it. His return can’t be called anything but a success and that’s that.

He brings something special to the game and the fans and the players know it. Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait another 16 months to see him play again.

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