Tiger Woods’ TV ratings will make a lot of people look stupid

This is proof that Tiger Woods is still the most important personality in professional golf. 

This goes out to the 15% of you who said they didn’t care about a Tiger Woods comeback.

So it was 12.00 pm (ET) when Tiger was supposed to hobble onto the tee and shank his first tee shot, but he didn’t. As most of America worked, a larger than average contingent tuned in to watch Tiger enter his first tournament in 15 months.

We once asked you to rank all of the PGA TOUR’s events in order of importance and you didn’t  give a crap about the Hero World Challenge – it didn’t even make the top 20 and this is reflected in its shitty viewer ratings. That is until Tiger chose to make his comeback.

Here’s how it all went down on Thursday:

The Hero World Challenge received a .86 rating (or about 786,000 viewers), which was up 190 percent from coverage of last year’s event when Woods didn’t play.

Let me put that into perspective; more people watched the first round of the Hero World Challenge than the Thursday of this year’s PGA Championship, it’s fucking December AND nobody gives a crap about the HWC.  Clearly Tiger is still the biggest pull in golf.

No offence Jordan Spieth, but every highlight clip of you holing out from the side of the green was a distraction. Spieth magic was a snoozathon compared to anything Tiger, and that’s the reality of the situation.

On Saturday, Golf Channel’s live coverage was up 162 percent, while NBC’s increased by 92 percent. And on Sunday, Golf Channel’s live coverage was up 126 percent, while NBC’s increased by 54 percent.

Show me someone who thinks Tiger’s impact on golf is waning and i’ll show you a liar (and an idiot).

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