This 5-year-old just schooled every current trick shot trend

This little kid just schooled every other trick shot artist by combining two of the latest trends.

Coach Rusty, one of those artists, is leading the way when it comes to the trends. He posted one of the best bottle flip videos I’ve ever seen. See for yourself:

Although he was a little late to that party, he made up for it by being totally awesome.

The other trend that’s been going around is the trick shot where you hold the head of the club and flip it around you so you end up holding it the right way and then hit your shot. Ok that was a really bad explanation so just watch it for yourself.

Now, this 5 year old just combined these two trends, making him the cutest and coolest little golfer on the block (or social media at least).

He is is way cooler than you (and me, and everyone).

Right on little man!!

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