Turns out Hideki Matsuyama is the most savage troll on the PGA TOUR

Hideki Matsuyama loves to mess with the PGA TOUR announcers.

This is trademark Hideki, take the hand off the club and look away in disgust after a perfect shot. Why do it? Every golf fan knows that Hideki is one of the best iron players in the world. He modelled his golf swing on a batter after watching baseball as a kid, and you can see this by the way he slowly sets himself up before a quick pause and unwind.

We’ve seen some extremely disappointed reactions to relatively high-quality shots from Hideki Matsuyama over the past couple of years. But this reaction at the par-3 16th hole at Riviera during the second round of the Northern Trust Open is the Full Matsuyama.

Commentators never know if his shots are truly mishits or if he just has ridiculously high expectations for himself. Regarding this shot in particular, he was lucky his ball hit the flagstick or it would have gone right over the green, but for the most part his shots are above par.

Being a commentator is hard enough without overly dramatic golfers hanging their head in disgust over a shot the average golfer would be ecstatic over.

His reactions are very similar to Thorbjorn Olesen, the Dane who smoked a 404-yard drive and immediatley looked away in disgust.

The biggest troll on the PGA Tour.

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