WATCH: Flo Rida sports flashy golf clubs in new video

Are you looking to spice up your golf bag this offseason?

Well, Flo Rida may have the answer for those seeking a certain pizzaz for your bag. In the video for this new song ‘Zillionaire’, the rapper swings some gold clubs at some gold balls. (1:40 in)

The clubs look straight out of Liberace’s collection and coincide with gold plated bowling pins, cars and table settings seen throughout the video.

Released two days ago, the video already has 190,000 views on Youtube. Flo Rida plays golf from the comfort of his private tee box in front of his house. A quick Google search tells me the rapper isn’t new to the use of gold on well….everything.

Here’s a picture of Flo Rida’s gold Bugatti, which is as over the top as it gets.


The video signals Flo Rida’s increasing over the top┬átrends, which began humbly with ‘boots with the fur’ and has grown into gold plated everything.

I have to say I’d be a little wary of actually using any of the golf equipment. I simply wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if one of those gold-plated balls fell victim to hazards.

I wonder if Flo Rida actually uses the clubs, or if he only allows beautiful women to use them.

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