Watch: Ian Poulter comes at cameraman after horrific hole

Ian Poulter had a good day yesterday, making an approach into the top 10 at the Hong Kong Open.

That is until this happened.


He says to the cameraman, “Until i’m ready to play my shot, don’t be running in behind me.”

This cameraman should know better around Poulter, who we all know wears emotions on his sleeve on the course. We all hit our bad shots, but I think blaming others is pretty bush league.

Maybe it did distract him a little but honestly, the problems mounted before that. He might as well have brought a beach chair into the bunker with him.

The shot really put a damper on Poulter’s day, causing him to sink so low he fought to make the cut. However, he did make the cut finishing at two over for the day.

If you get this look from Poulter, you know you’ve done something wrong.


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