I find it strange that one of golf’s most liberally-minded players is a Republican

Jack Nicklaus will be going to Donald Drumpf’s inauguration and Rickie Fowler is a fan.

I won’t pretend that an Instagram like is anything more than the tacit acknowledgment of something. It’s like when a relative posts an inane motivational quote,  you don’t give a crap but you lend a like out of dereference.

Donald Drumpf Rickie Fowler

A bit of digging and you quickly find that Rickie is a Republican. He Tweeted his support for Mitt Romney four years ago, and he seemed surprised by the reaction it garnered from his followers. Is this terrible? No. Do I care? Not really.

But I do raise an eyebrow at this discovery. It surprises me that one of the most liberally-minded players almost certainly picked Drumpf at this year’s election.

Rickie Fowler is an utter enigma. On the one hand he’s this progressive, snapback-wearing, high-top owning, extreme sports junkie; the type of dude who would head up to Mavs for the weekend in pursuit of big sets. On the other, he’s Bubba Watson’s best friend – a man who just happens to be the PGA TOUR’s most unpopular player.

How does golf’s perennial bachelor – never far from a can of Red Bull and a group of fine honeys – call a man like Bubba Watson his boy?

Rickie Fowler

Please tell me what does Rickie, the man who allegedly completed Tinder at this year’s Olympics, have in common with a man who says gay people are an abomination?

Many of you instinctively deride me for commenting on politics, you question the relevance of any content that doesn’t specifically focus on the sport because “you’re a golf page,” and I’m a “butthurt liberal,” or words to this effect. But here you are, proving that an interest is there and irony does have a definition

Nearly 85% of PGA TOUR golfers polled this year said they would be voting Republican and Rickie is the only one who surprised me.

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