WATCH: Tiger Woods playing catch is both awesome and eyebrow raising

Tiger Woods was around for the opening of a new short course in Cabo, part of his Diamante Golf Resort design. GOAT can be seen hitting an easy wedge, talking in a manner that only he can get away with. “Should I hold it or ride it?” he said (referring to the wind).

What followed was straight from the Rory McIlroy school of inappropriate sporting activity. Tiger can be seen playing catch, a tad eyebrow raising when you consider the three back surgeries he has gone through. Although I guess his shoulder is one of the few places that hasn’t been totally ravaged by injury.

This isn’t really the same as Rory, Tiger isn’t going to “throw his back out” so to speak.

The 14-time major champ doesn’t just play catch with anyone, try seven-time Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemens. As you can hear, Tiger has a side-arm worthy of left field, apparently.

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