Tiger Woods has become a golf course visionary

You don’t have to be a course design geek or keen student of golf industry trends to know that the last decade has seen course closures aplenty and golfers fleeing the sport faster than children at the sight of Greg Norman in a Bryson DeChambeau hat.


In such an environment, you couldn’t fault Tiger Woods for the handful of course design projects he and the folks at TGR Design have rolled out. He must know that the Tiger Woods name was the prime reason for landing the jobs. (Hiring Tiger Woods to design a course at your residential community, ala Bluejack National, is ultimately a pretty conservative play.)

But TW has done anything but coast and has turned out to be a relatively visionary course designer. Example: His latest effort, The Oasis, a short course at the Diamante Cabo San Lucas Resort (where he also designed a championship course).

Per a Golf.com report, The Oasis can be set up as either a 12-hole par-3 course or a three-hole course with a par 3, par 4, and par 5. Awesome.

Woods also added that both layouts can be played in an hour each, saying, “I want to design fun, playable courses that bring people together and bring golfers back to the game.”



One criticism of TGR Design, however: Negative marks for all the dad jeans-and-polo publicity photos. We could do without those.

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