SNL mocks John Daly in hilarious new episode

This weekend Saturday Night Live decided to poke so fun at some larger than life sports players.

Keenan Thompson, playing Charles Barkley, hosted a game show with contestants Rob Gronkowski, Connor McGregor, and John Daly. We won’t ruin it for you, so watch this video from over the weekend.

As a die-hard Patriots fan, I must point out that Gronk handles his money better than most. He lives totally off endorsements and has banked his NFL paychecks until money for party cruises dries up.

Also, I was a little surprised to find out John Daly doesn’t own a cheetah already. I mean, with $95 million dollars out the window in the past 15 years, you should own a full zoo.

The video gets McGregor spot on, but SNL could make him look less like a member of the Playa Haters Ball.


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