This man broke a world record in the most boss way

The Guinness World Record for most golf holes played in a day has been broken.

Brad Luiten, from New Zealand, played an astounding 237 holes of golf in one day. More specifically, he played the holes in 12 hours. PLUS, he beat the former world record by 16 holes.


I’m not a big math guy, but that’s 19.75 holes per hour. That also means he played more golf in one hour than most play in one day. So why would anyone want to play that much golf so quickly?

Luiten began his quest for the World Record honoring a friend who recently died from bowel cancer. He hopes breaking the World Record will bring attention to the deadly disease.

Brad accomplished the feat at Helensville Golf Club. He only used one club, a 6 iron, on all the holes. It must be tough putting with an iron, but Billy Madison played with a hockey stick, so Brandon must have found a way.


In total, the marathon golfer covered 62 miles of ground in 12 hours. I hope for his feet’s sake he played with a cart.

No news on how he played, but after 237 holes, I could care less about the score.

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