Ian Poulter tries to get someone fired.. again

Ian Poulter has a knack for getting called out on social media and then hitting right back at the haters.

Earlier in the season, Poulter had a heckler fired from his day job at Florida Southern College. The guy yelled at him to put his ball in the water, which he clearly didn’t appreciate.

This past weekend at the Hong Kong Open, Poulter came at a cameraman who he thought ran behind him before he took his shot. This action brought about old memories of a car service employee who said that he dropped off Poulter once and was less than impressed with his attitude.

Poulter turned to social media again to publicly shame this guy, Glenn Stacey, and went straight for the employer dig.

He went on a Twitter rant as well, responding to the post and the backlash from his comments.

The COO had to intervene and make a statement.

Whether this makes Poulter a bully or not, he does have the right to free speech and he has the right to defend himself when attacked. It’s not his fault he’s sensitive!

Ian Poulter is not the type to ignore anything, especially when someone outwardly calls him a dick. Don’t worry though, he clarified that he does not want this man fired from his job.

Moral of the story, don’t come at Poulter if you don’t want to get reamed right back and have your employer contacted.

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