INSANITY: Costco’s out-of-stock Kirkland golf ball selling for more than Pro V1s

By now, if you’re of player of this insanely maddening and very rarely rewarding great game, you’ve probably heard that golfers are flipping their visors about Costco’s Kirkland Signature golf balls.

These are no rock-hard hacker eggs, which has caused the $15-per-dozen balls to be touted as similar to the vaunted Titleist ProV1 in performance. 

You could have bought two-dozen of the pills for $29.99, but these highly coveted golf balls have already sold out. INSANE. Something provided by Costco has sold out? Unheard of.



The USGA conforming balls, which are produced by Nassau Golf Co. Ltd of South Korea, have garnered rave reviews. And because #capitalism #supplyanddemand, a secondary market for the out-of-stock balls has cropped up on eBay, with the balls selling at significant markups.

The ProV1, of course, retails for nearly $50 per dozen and now these balls are selling on eBay for the same price! 


Costco hasn’t commented about the ball and was pretty tight-lipped when prodded by Word has leaked out, however, the balls will be back in stock by December 20, just in time for the Holidays.

In other words, don’t give the scalpers any satisfaction.

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